• The family of Rayco Carpet Cleaning has a long standing tradition in customer service. Even though our technicians are highly trained and motivated to provide many services to you, we believe that customer service comes first. We are a company that believes patrons are more than a means to obtain a financial gain. We see our customers as people. Our motto of "Cleaning Carpets, NOT WALLETS!" means just that. That is our promise to you, our customer family base, to always provide the lowest prices, with the highest level of service. At Rayco, we clean many things, your wallet is not one of them,

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    On June 27, 2015 Rayco Carpet Cleaning was on hand to help raise money for the USO, and The Champs organization. They work hard training some of the industries best service animals. With cleaning specials, live music, food and fun, we were proud to help make this day a successful one. Many people from the community showed up to support such a great cause.

  • Rayco Grand Opening BBQ Event!1


  • Rayco Carpet Cleaning Grand Opening BBQ was a complete success. We had an outstanding show of community support as we celebrated with live music and fresh BBQ and refreshments. With the special of a $10.00 interior steam cleaning, brought around 60 cars and trucks to the event. We want to thank Mobil On The Run located at 4132 North Highway 67, and the manager Shelly Gerber for allowing us to celebrate our community event..