• The family of Rayco Carpet Cleaning has a long standing tradition in customer service. Even though our technicians are highly trained and motivated to provide many services to you, we believe that customer service comes first. We are a company that believes patrons are more than a means to obtain a financial gain. We see our customers as people. Our motto of "Cleaning Carpets, NOT WALLETS!" means just that. That is our promise to you, our customer family base, to always provide the lowest prices, with the highest level of service. At Rayco, we clean many things, your wallet is not one of them,

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  • Pride and Care is what we stand for..

    Rayco uses high tempetature steam to ensure that those pesky stains come out with ease. Coupled with a deep scrub of your carpet, we ensure that not only your carpet comes cleaner, but dries quicker also. Our technicians take pride in every service call they complete, leaving you with a sense of a job well done. We don't charge by square footage like others do. Instead, we package your whole home together to give you more bang for your dollar. Our chemical catalog opens up the world of possibilities from heavy stain removal to odor retrieval. Best part is, each clean comes with the standard scotch guard, deodorizer, and a standard sanitizer at no extra cost. So call today to schedule service. Remember, at Rayco, We Clean Carpets, NOT WALLETS!