• The family of Rayco Carpet Cleaning has a long standing tradition in customer service. Even though our technicians are highly trained and motivated to provide many services to you, we believe that customer service comes first. We are a company that believes patrons are more than a means to obtain a financial gain. We see our customers as people. Our motto of "Cleaning Carpets, NOT WALLETS!" means just that. That is our promise to you, our customer family base, to always provide the lowest prices, with the highest level of service. At Rayco, we clean many things, your wallet is not one of them,

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  • Mobile wash

  • Back to factory shine..

  • Are you tired of waiting in long lines just to receive a less than stellar vehicle clean. Tired of being rushed through the assembly carwash line? Why not let Rayco Carpet Cleaning take care of all that for you. We will promptly arrive at your home, place of business, or wherever you shall summon us to be. Our trained technicians will steam clean the interior, and powerwash the outside bringing your vehicle back to that factory shine. The best part is, all this is done while you enjoy the comforts of your home. So call today and schedule a vehicle clean ...

  • Each vehicle clean comes with a complete vacuum, high temp steam clean of floors and seats if applicable. A complete wipe down down of inside of vehicle. High pressure hot water wash of outside of vehicle. Steam cleaning of tires and rims. Vehicle dry, window cleaning, and tire treatment. Every wash includes but not limited to deodorizing agent, fabric protectant of floor and seats, and dash shine at no extra cost to you.